Meet Tomonik

Tomonik a young Kenyan girl who wants to open a bakery

When we started our business, we wanted to give back to the global community in some way. So we decided to donate 10% of our net proceeds to charitable food causes. So far that decision helped us raise money for hurricane relief victims and a vulnerable family in El Salvador. Now we’ve found another project that's inspired us.  

Tomonik is a young Kenyan girl from the Maasai Development Project. The Maasai Development Project rescues young girls from Female Genital Mutilation and forced marriage. Tomonik’s story has inspired us because, she too, is an aspiring entrepreneur. After graduating from secondary school, she began baking bread in a coal oven that the MDP has at their center. Her passion for bread making grew with her skills and she began selling bread in her village. Tomonik’s bread has since gained popularity and she has fallen in love with the business of baking. She now wants to open a bakery!  

We at Le Foodie identify with Tomonik’s aspiration to start a business. And we understand that it comes with challenges, especially financial challenges. So we want to help her in the small way that we can. That is why this quarter we are donating 20% of our net proceeds from our "Bakers Delight" T-shirts and 10% of our net proceeds from our other t-shirts to help Tomonik bring her vision to life!

Donate here if you would like to give more to help Tomonik!

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