Many families in the United States and around the world don’t have the resources to eat and prepare healthy meals.

That is why Le Foodie donates 10% of its quarterly profits to various food related organizations, projects and charities that aim to end hunger and empower human beings.

We rotate the organization based on what we feel needs attention at that time.


Some of the organizations Le Foodie donates to include

Maasai Development Project

The Maasai Development Project rescues young Kenyan girls from female genital mutilation and forced marriage. Currently, we are focusing on a campaign to raise money for Tomonik.

Tomonik’s story has inspired us because, she too, is an aspiring entrepreneur. She wants to open a bakery after graduating from her cooking and nutrition program! But she needs the resources to do it.

Le Foodie wants to see Tomonik's vision come to life. That is why we are donating a portion of our quarterly profits to help her succeed.  


Cooking Matters

As part of the No Kid Hungry campaign to end childhood hunger in America, Share Our Strength's Cooking Matters program teaches participants to shop smarter, use nutrition information to make healthier choices and cook delicious, affordable meals. 

Founded in 1993, Cooking Matters and thousands of volunteer instructors have helped more than 265,000 low-income families in communities across the country learn how to eat better for less.



The Adventist Disaster Relief Agency envisions a sustainable food secure future and actively works to address these complex causes. They do this by focusing on farmers’ increase of food supply, income and savings for food purchasing.

ADRA helps women and children identify, prevent, and treat malnutrition before it impacts their long-term health. At the community-level they promote nutrition awareness using strategies that help households achieve diverse and nutrient-rich diets.


Food Lifeline

Food Lifeline rescues food and provides meals to end hunger for thousands of people across Western Washington. They work hard regionally to provide a long-term solution to hunger that ensures that everybody has enough food to eat. 

Every year, nearly 40% of our country's food ends up in landfills, Food Lifeline has a solution for that problem. They rescue millions of pounds of this surplus food from farmers, manufacturers, grocery stores, and restaurants and send it to food banks to distribute to hungry families. They are the food bank's food bank!

Want to join the cause?!

Le Foodie is always looking for different organizations that fit our vision of providing healthy meals and nutrition education. If you think there's a project or organization we should donate to, please let us know at "Attn: Charity".


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